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17 - The Djangoliers– Zak Barrett (cl), Simon Hurley (g), Rob Ford (g), Rob Palmer (double bass)

24 - Joy Ellis Trio - featuring pianist Joy alongisde drummer Adam Osmianski and Rob Palmer (doublebass)


1 - Chris Allard Trio w. Rob Palmer (e. bass) and Marc Cecil (drums)

Close for Christmas

12 -  Lauren Dove: Songbird (Celebrating the life and music of Eva Cassidy) with Lauren Dove (vocals), Simon Brown (piano), Simon Hurley (guitar), Rob Palmer (bass) and Andy Vellacott (drums)

19 - George Double Trio w. Harry Green (sax) and Noah Stoneman (org)

26 - John Paricelli/Liam Noble)


2 - Mario Bakuna Trio – Rob Palmer (double bass) and Adam Osmianskl (drums)

9 - Nic Meier Trio – Rob Palmer (e. bass), George Double (dr)

16 - NO JAZZ              

23 - Q3 - Jazz Quartet featuring Kevin Flanagan (sax), Martin Hallmark (piano)Rob Palmer (double bass) and Oscar Reynolds (drums)


1 -  Joanna Eden (v) and Simon Brown (p) – 
Embraceable Ella

8 - Zak Barrett/Marc Cecil Quartet – Rob Palmer (double bass)

15 - To be confirmed Rob Palmer (double bass)

22 - No Jazz

29 - Ipswich Musicians Union Big Band 


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