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at The Alex

Live jazz club

Welcome to Jazz East, a Sunday evening jazz club that brings some of the UK's greatest Jazz musicians to Felixstowe. World class music, a great atmosphere, and free entrance - the best Sunday night out for miles around! Having established itself as a Felxistowe sea-front favourite, the event is now moving further along the beach to

 The Alex

Artists who have previoulsy appeared at Jazz East events include

Gilad Atzmon

John Etheridge

Alan Barnes

Peter King

Tony Kofi

Mark Lockhart 

Nigel Price

John Parricelli

Georgia Mancio

Jim Mullen

Dave O'Higgins

Jason Rebello

Phil Robson

Julian Siegel

Martin Speake

Art Themen

Christine Tobin

Byron Wallen

Tim Whitehead

Gareth Lockrane

Eddie Parker